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Roof B Gone

Friday, August 29, 2008

Today was going to be a mellow day. I did a dump run first thing in the morning then came back to the house to strip off some more roofing materials. It was hot and I was planning on starting the weekend early. Then Bert came by. Bert is so awesome. After working a full day and then having a midday surf session he came by the house to help out. I had already loaded up the truck to make another dump run so I felt a little guilty asking him to help when I wasn’t even going to be around. But… I guess I’m just a slave driver… so I asked him to take a crack at the newly exposed roof decking. On the drive to the dump I kept having visions of poor Bert dropping through the termite ridden decking down twelve feet and smashing head first onto the piano, er, workbench. 

By the time I returned Bert was still alive and the main roof decking was gone. He had singlehandedly stripped the roof! Well, that meant the game was on. Bert and Kari and I then went hog wild, tearing down the rafters, balancing on the ceiling joists and prying off whatever wouldn’t cause the structure to collapse beneath us. So fun. Luckily, I mean, thanks to keen planning, nobody lost a finger or an eye. We removed the entire roof, thus accomplishing the hardest and most dangerous part of the house demolition in one afternoon. We also got our demo permit just in time to stay legal. 

The termite damage inside the house was extensive. Some boards lifted right off the nails as if they were made of paper mache. A pry bar would easily penetrate 2×4 studs sending me off balance at the unexpected lack of resistance. See the gallery below for some of the more affected spots. 

Here’s a gallery of some recent pics from the project:

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