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Hammer Elbow

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is “hammer elbow” a condition, like tennis elbow? If it is I think I’ve got it. Yesterday we installed the sill plate and framed the floor for the shack. Using a hammer properly is like swinging a golf club. Lots of people do it, but only a few do it really, really well. Reggie sinks every nail in two hits. If I sink one in four hits I feel like a smooth operator. Somewhere out there, there is a Tiger Woods of hammering who sinks every nail perfectly with one hit. He’s sponsored by Home Depot and he does the NASCAR circuit, demoing Stanley hammers and building eco-responsible show houses in 35 minutes flat. Bert Moulton is kind of a bigger, older, whiter Tiger, and he can sink a nail with the best of em. He came over to help after working a full day at his gas station. Thanks Bert! He and Reggie adding some blocking to the floor while I made a lumber run. On the way back he called and said, “Dammit Ed, there’s no beer! What the hell kind of working conditions you got goin on here?!” I pulled a u-turn and picked up a sixer of fancy Peroni Italian beer just to piss em off. 

Here are some pictures of the result of the concrete pour and yesterday’s framing work:


We have another inspection today and (don’t tell anyone) but some of my anchor bolts are a little too close to the edge of the sill plate. Hopefully he’ll let those pass. We’re gonna install some insulation, get the subfloor on, and maybe do some wall framing today. Hmmm, how many trips to Big Creek Lumber will that be today? Oh, speaking of which, Mary and Dustin over at Big Creek saw the blog! I guess they just stumbled upon it somehow and they told Reggie they saw it. How cool is that? I mean, c’mon, you think you’re gonna go to Home Depot or Lumberman and those people working there are gonna be stoked because they saw your blog? Thanks Mary and Dustin – you guys are cool!

One Response to “Hammer Elbow”

  1. George Williams Says:

    Wow Ed…the “shack” looks great! I wasn’t aware that you would be doing a stem wall for the office as well. Makes sense as you develop your building “Chops” in preparation for the Big House…….g