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Holy Eyesore!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our poor neighbors. We spent most of last week gutting the house. Taking everything that wasn’t holding a wall up and tearing it out. Note the very large and very obsolete satellite dish on the left edge of the frame. That came off the roof. And I’m still alive! Next to it is concrete from the back porch. The lower right contains drywall. Upper right is unpainted wood. Those four things are actually recyclable. All metal can be recycled, so were gonna tear that sink out of it’s melamine casing and put that in the scrap pile. See the volkswagon over there? We sold it to our neighbors Joe and Sari, who live on 48th ave. They’re gonna fix it up. Yay! All this stuff that we thought was junk is actually going to have another life. The metal will become iPhones. The wood will end up as eco-toilet paper. The concrete will end up thickening Jamba Juices. The VW will become another VW – just with every single part replaced. 

This is what you get when you turn a house inside out.

This is what you get when you turn a house inside out.

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