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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yes. We have begun to labor. As in actual physical labor. Over the last two days we have torn down the old shack and gone toe-to-toe with the blackberry bushes (again). 

The shack was built on a dirt foundation. It was completely eaten by termites and it had about seven layers of roofing. Structurally it was comprised of old 2x4s, randomly spaced between 2 and 3 feet apart. Then it was clad in tongue-and-groove siding. Then it was clad in wood shingles. Inside, someone had drywalled it and then poured an uneven foundation into the interior. It was not difficult to take this building down. I feel after this small endeavor that I know a little bit more about what holds a building together. Long nails and any sort of sheathing. A stick frame of 2x4s is structurally worthless. It isn’t until you throw plywood or some sort of sheathing along the outside that you gain any strength. And if you hammer that in with nice long nails, you’re gonna have a helluva time undoing it. 

After much deliberation, and the kind advice of our landscaper friends, we went chemical and sprayed RoundUp™ made by MiracleGro, owned by Monsanto. These nice folks are the leading producer of genetically modified seed and employers to many hardworking children in India. We sprayed this stuff on our flourishing blackberry bushes and the leaves started turning black within an hour. Obtaining instant gratification like that is some crazy magic business and it seems waaaaay too good to be legal. 

Tomorrow we plan to rip all the drywall out of the house and load a big truck with what used to be the shack. Friday we’re gonna try to move the volkswagon out of the back yard and into the street with a FOR SALE CHEAP sign. We’re trying to get a dude with a Bobcat to come out on Monday to grade the back yard so we can start digging the foundation for the new & improved shed.

One Response to “Labor”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Great going!!! The project involving the hands on work has begun. Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!!! I am proud of you both for making such a life changing decision and moving forward to the next stage. I love you, Little Mama/Patsy
    And Mundo, I didn’t think your board design was ‘Gay’, it reminded me of the ocean.