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Keep on Sheetrockin It Baaaaby

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Have no fear sophisticated readers for I shall not carry on. The sheetrock has been hung and the video below shows it in all its gypsum glory.

[media id=8 width=460 height=320]

7 Responses to “Keep on Sheetrockin It Baaaaby”

  1. Jenny Wilson Says:

    Ed, you’re awesome! I miss you and hope to meet your lady and your baby someday.

  2. patricia Says:

    Bravo!!! You both are creating a beautiful home. Baby Edna will be proud.

  3. Håkan Says:

    Wow Ed, looks amazing! hope you’re all great! Amazing to hear you’re gonna be a father. That kid is gonna be one lucky fella!

  4. Pearl Says:

    Looking good buddy!

  5. Blake Says:

    Sheetrock is a VERY exciting step — congratulations! And, I’m diggin’ those big-ass skylights. Well done.

  6. marie & fabien Says:

    we love your voice and your American accent! the house is good too. When can we come and stay?

  7. Eric Dawson Says:

    That’s cool! Congratulations for being a father soon. Do your responsibility as a good father. good luck for that challenging moment.

    Eric Dawson
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