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Over the Side(ing)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their congratulatory comments on the as-yet-to-be-named babe. If it’s a girl, we’re thinking “Duchess” or “Ethiopia” and if it’s a boy we’ll probably go with “Galactico,” though “PowerEd Pro” is still in the running. The pressure is now on to finish this house by December. At our current pace, that is highly unlikely. Feel free to send meth via snailmail.

We are FINALLY done siding the house. Man oh man I’m stoked that that phase is complete. See the photos for some action shots. We used redwood all around, but the front is painted and the back is just oiled. The whole process took ages and for a while there it felt like painting, staining, cutting, fitting, nailing, etc, would never ever end. It was a bit like being at sea. At first it was an exciting yet challenging endeavor. Then it became rather ordinary, like a mindless ritual. Then it slid into monotony. Finally hopelessness set in – as though we were sailing in circles and would never see land again. Are you starting to get a sense of my relief?

Another big deal is that our new sidewalk got poured and massaged in place. The crew who did the work were true artisans of concrete. They did it all in one day and they worked like a precision drill team. Without really even speaking to one another they economically moved from task to coordinated task. Il Maestro was Rudi – he was the chief of the crew and the man responsible for making the curb cuts. See concrete wants to lay flat, not descend gently like a driveway does. They poured the concrete and immediately set to work on it. It was basically a five-man sidewalk massage. They just kept troweling and floating the mass until it stopped resisting and relaxed into their desired shape. Construction is not a nuanced practice. But these guys were an exception. So if you ever need a sidewalk or a driveway, let me know and I’ll send you their digits.

A side effect of the sidewalk installation was the removal of our gawd-awfully ugly fence. You’ll notice that besides the electric blue port-o-potty you now have an unobstructed view of the moneypit from the street.

2 Responses to “Over the Side(ing)”

  1. patricia Says:

    Looking great!! Very classy to break up the painted siding in the front with the stained redwood in the back. Go team Files-Ortega!!

  2. Blake Says:

    The redwood siding is so pretty it hurts… me like.