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Certain Skillz

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Being a graphic designer pretty much adds zero value to the process of house building. Sure there are the moments when nudging a piece of trim with the back of a chisel can seem oddly akin to the left-arrow pixel nudge, but for almost every other activity all of my professional skills are, well, worthless.

Until now! Kari and I are starting to think about house colors. Actually, Kari has been thinking about house colors for about a year, but now we’re getting to the point where we can actually go to Sherwin Williams (best non-environmentally correct logo ever) and buy paint. And choosing colors is a doozy! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just try painting your house with various colors until you found some combos you liked. And wouldn’t be cool if you could do it instantly with the flick of a mouse. And wouldn’t it be cool if your contractor had some Photoshop skillz and could save a couple of quickly lassoed selections for the siding and the trim and maybe change one wall magically into redwood to just for comparison’s sake?

Click on the pic for an biggie version… I should note that in the spirit of Martha Stewart style color naming, we’ve come up with monikers for the themes below – clockwise starting from the upper-left: Republican Supreme Court, Terra-istLegalize It and Jonathan Ive

Purdy Colors

6 Responses to “Certain Skillz”

  1. Jon Campbell Says:

    My vote is Legalize It, but with the trim/windows from Terra-ist.

    Nice work!
    Let’s surf now…

  2. required Says:

    From your friends in Paris, what about white with another funky color for windows?

  3. Dan Burkhart Says:

    I’m into Terra-Ist first, Legalize it second. If you want to destroy all of that tool-belt sportin sweat equity..go with ‘please raid my house, cause I’ve got hydroponics in the basement’ Jonathan Ive motif..

  4. Dan Burkhart Says:

    OK. I clearly need to learn what clockwise means…Legalize It…means “please raid my house” Of course Jonathan Ive wouldn’t paint his house purple…

  5. George Williams Says:

    Hi Ed- I had not plugged into site for awhile…I am sooo sorry to hear about your tool belt….How low can one Go! Not to mention the tools.

    What an amazing photo of the little one….I think that I can see Kari’s nose and your chin..or maybe the other way around…anyway, with our first grand-baby coming, it reaches deep.
    Love George and Pat

  6. Blake Says:

    i like terra-ist. Can you do my house next?? The mint green has got to go.