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Rainy Days and Sundays

Friday, February 13, 2009

Remember January? I do. That was an idyllic time. Sunny, mild afternoons, general dryness, lots of construction going on. February has brought an unending parade of dreary weather reports which seem designed to test my patience and which seem cruelly expansive with their rainy-day vocabulary. Chance of Rain. Probable Rain. Rainy. Wet and Rainy. Showers. Scattered Showers. Occasional Showers. Chance of Showers. Rain Likely. We’ve been sitting around a lot lately waiting for the likely probable occasional scattered chance of rain to stop. We’re nervous about that fancy WarmBoard we put down, hoping that it doesn’t buckle and warp, or at least get really bloated around the edges. And we’re not looking forward to the drying process once we actually get the roof on. The last thing we want to do is trap a bunch of wetness between our drywall and our siding. 

But alas, not all is lost! Today our trusses came. A very large crane carefully backed into our driveway, which is coincidentally the exact width of the crane, and gingerly lifted the trusses over the power lines and our neighbors house and onto our walls. In the middle of the delivery, while Reggie was balanced on top of one of the interior walls, a freak hailstorm arrived. We were pelted with pea-sized hail (turning the already slick WarmBoard into a Scooby-Doo escape sequence – like zoinks Daphne!). The crane managed to get the trusses to their proper locations in both the front and back of the house. No small feat considering the trees and power lines that crowded its path like a game of Operation. You’ll have to excuse the photos – I took them with my cell phone. They have a sort of desaturated LOMO feel to them. Ah the wonder of plastic lenses!

So the trusses are ready to be tilted up and nailed on, but we’re gonna need a dry day to do it. The 10-day forecast shows the next sunny day to be 10 days away. Hopefully that’s not a moving target. In the mean time, viva internet tv!

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