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Sexy Plumbing Photos

Monday, January 12, 2009

We passed our rough plumbing inspection this morning. To commemorate I’ve decided to post some hot details of the copper water pipes, ABS waste pipes and even some shots of galvanized gas piping. This is actually a pretty big moment because it means that now we can insulate and cover the crawl space with our fancy radiant subfloor. It also means that the real building begins. We’re out of the mud! 

After the inspection I was drilling some holes in the blocking to allow for the PEX radiant tubing to be routed under the floor to the boiler area, when I accidentally drilled through my leg. Whoops! The drill bit caught my jeans, tore right through them and dug a nice little slice just under my knee. I yelped, dropped the drill, cursed under my breath and immediately saw my near future flash before my eyes. Not being able to work at this moment would be a very sad thing. Luckily I didn’t tear my kneecap out or cut any major arteries. In fact I hardly bled at all. I ran to the shed and pulled out the first aid kit that Rudi and Steph bought for us last year and started rifling for x-large bandaids. I rubbed some alcohol on the wound and managed to secure a big bandage to my leg hair. Then I drove to the hospital and got stitches. If you ever are feeling sorry for yourself I suggest hanging out in the emergency room waiting area for a while. A steady stream of sorry sorts paraded in front of me while I read year-old Newsweeks (looks like Hillary is gonna win it!). One old man had lost a finger on a table saw. Another guy nearly impaled himself while fixing his deck. A college age girl came in with a harrowing panic attack and scores of other people were just slumped in their chairs, clutching their stomachs or staring into deep space with cold sweats. Well, after nearly five idle hours of last years news I got 14 stitches and a prescription for percoset. 

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll start putting on the subfloor. I’m especially excited for you blog readers because finally I’ll start having some pictures worth looking at. 

7 Responses to “Sexy Plumbing Photos”

  1. Patsy Says:

    Ouch!! Please be careful. You are important to your family in SD.

  2. scott moulton Says:

    That is some sweet sweating. but I have a bone to pick with you (yes here in cyberspace) I just talked to you like TODAY and you failed to mention this incident. Do I need to talk to you here on you blog to find anything out??? or maybe I should just have been looking at your yearbook or facebook or whatever page. Do you no longer converse? is everything done in some weird semi public space? Maybe if I have a public hissyfit you will get better at having normal conversations. Am I a dinosaur for expecting people to talk to me?

    well ok then that about does it!

    great job on the plumbing and goddamit I just love Jim Harris on your blog. He needs his own blog.

  3. scott moulton Says:

    so corey suggested more ALL CAPS AND SOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    to better convey my emotions.


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