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Monday, October 13, 2008

Talking about france is all well and good, but don’t you want to see good old tee-vee? Here’s a couple of videos from around the farm house. I have to warn you that it is 4pm and being seriously jetlagged we just woke up. 

Part 1:

[media id=5 width=460 height=320]


Part 2:

[media id=6 width=460 height=320]

2 Responses to “FTV”

  1. reggie Says:

    Hey! Ed and Kerri, you guys are styling “old school”! It looks really old…

    Hope you are both just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful place you are in. Wow! The footage makes me want to be there withyou, drinking wine, reading good books, just talking about life and enjoying being a part of this beautiful existence. And even the cat looks pretty cool.

    This is actually the first time I have checked out your blog; really cool! Burt told me to check it out to see where you guys are in france, and then I looked at everything you have about your construction project. This is great!

    I’ve actually got a few entries on my blog. Still trying to learn the system. Thank you Ed!

    And I look forward to hearing about the books you’re reading, the good life of a country abode. And Kerri, you look so relaxed! Being the queen of the manor suites you well!


  2. blake Says:

    Beautiful. Feels just like yesterday that I was trying to break into that place :) Enjoy your days of leisure, kids.